National Council on Alcoholism
Since 1957, the National Council on Alcoholism – Bay Area (NCA-BA or NCADA-BA), has been fighting the prevalence and consequences of alcoholism and other drug addictions in the San Francisco Bay Area.* The NCA-BA is a California nonprofit corporation with a volunteer board of directors. We are an affiliate of NCADD, the oldest voluntary alcoholism health agency in the United States.


The NCA-BA’s purpose is to reduce the prevalence and consequences of alcoholism and other drug addiction diseases through 1. Education, 2. Diagnosis, and 3. Treatment. To that end, our services include:
Education Services:
Project Choice Education Series
Strengthening Families Program
Senior Citizen Outreach
Diagnosis Services:
Drug Testing Services
Drug Diversion Services
Addiction Assessment Services
Treatment Services:
Our treatment services are currently in development. Both programs will require California outpatient licensure, which we are in the process of securing. We look forward to offering the following services in the near future:
Impaired U.S. Veterans” Program
Impaired Professionals Aftercare Program
Stigma Reduction:
One of the most prevalent consequences of addiction diseases is the stigma that the addict, rather than suffering from a disease, suffers from a moral failing. The NCA-BA fights addiction”s stigma and develops community awareness by conducting regular activities throughout the year that involve the entire community. In 2012, we have an outstanding schedule of community-based activities, including:
Environmental Prevention Project with the SF Boys and Girls Clubs
“Bill W. and Dr. Bob” at the San Jose Repertory Theater
Recovery Day at the Ballpark with the San Francisco Giants
CA-BA”s Annual Fundraiser at the Mill Valley Community Center
NCA-BA also provides leadership in formulating public policy and in recruiting and organizing volunteers and members who support its efforts. Prevention of alcohol problems among children is a high priority of ours and we emphasize improving the awareness and understanding of leaders, educators, health professionals, and the media about alcoholism and other drug addiction diseases, their medical complications, and related social and economic problems.

*NCA-BA was originally incorporated under the name “San Francisco Bay Area Council on Alcoholism, Inc.”.