Services: Family Support Network (3345 Views)

Pay: $0.00
Available Spaces: Unlimited
Deadline: No Deadline
Start Date: 12/30/2012
The ultimate goal of the Hunters Point Family agency is to stabilize our youth within their home environment. HPF understands that in many cases a youth’s entire family needs support before he or she can meet personal goals. As a part of the HPF extended family philosophy, the agency works collaboratively with other community-based organizations to provide support and resource referrals to all family members.

The HPF Family Support Network offers:

     Case management (individual and family)
     Family mediation and referrals
     Advocacy within the Department of Human Services
     Advocacy within the school district
     Advocacy within the juvenile and adult justice systems
    Food security support through the HPF Healthy Lifestyles program
    Computer access for employment search
    Crisis and grief support