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  • Positive Behavior Teaching for Challenging Behaviors: 05/08/2013 - 05/29/2013

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Positive Behavior Teaching for Challenging Behaviors
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Obtain an overview of the important ingredients in creating a behavior plan that works for kids. In order to help kids improve their behaviors, we have to avoid power struggles, and remember that we are trying to teach them new behaviors. Learn to apply theoretical principles shown to be effective and the basics of developing such a plan. This training is followed by a 4-session seminar that focuses on how to help families who have children exhibiting acting out behaviors
By the end of this class students should:
•   Understand the reasons for these behaviors and theoretical explanations
•   Know how to avoid power struggles by thinking differently about these behaviors
•   Know how to use early intervention techniques
•   Understand the ingredients that underlie all effective consequences

See attached for more details.
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