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  • Cyc Basketball Tournament-updated-closed: 04/19/2013 - 05/17/2013

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Cyc Basketball Tournament-updated-closed
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For the first time, CYC is hosting a basketball tournament:

5 on 5 Full Court
6 Players Minimum
10 Players Maximum
Two 20 Minutes Halves
Bring Your Own Jerseys
Number of Teams: To Be Decided (4 min 8 max)
Round Robin or Knock Out Style: To be decided

San Francisco High School Students Ages 14-18
CYC & YMCA Youth Have Priorities

Chinatown YMCA
855 Sacramento Street, 94108

Every Friday from 5 PM – 7 PM on 4/19, 4/26, 5/2, 5/9, 5/17

$40 per team

First Place: $10 PER PLAYER & Trophies
Second Place: $40 PER TEAM
(More Teams, More Prizes- To Be Decided)
Each player will also receive a raffle ticket for more prizes at a BBQ
at a later date during the summer.

On 4/12/13 by 9 PM @ Chinatown YMCA OR
On 4/15/13 by 12:30 PM @ CYC Main Office 1038 Post Street

Click and download attached documents.

1. 5 teams round robin tournament - The two top teams will play for the championships. In case of a tie, we will use season's total points.
2. Bring your own jerseys – t-shirts or tank tops with numbers are ok. Please bring two different color shirts on Friday at 5:15 AT FIVE THIRTY SHARP the ORIENTATION will start-The orientation will be the information below and we'll answer any other questions you may have, you can also email me the questions now so I can update this post.
2b. You may use a small piece of tape to write your number so try on what you have before game time
3. The games are from 6-8. Games start EXACTLY on time, at 6 & 7. If your team is not ready by tipoff, your team automatically LOSE. Make sure you have five players on court. One team will have a bye - Team Oh-Baby has the first bye on Friday as their application is incomplete. If you don't turn in the completed application by this Friday, you will no longer be in the tournament.
4. Two 20 minute halves
5. Overtime Duration   2 minutes
6. Length of Halftime   5 minutes
7. Shot Clock      30 seconds
8. Shot Clock Reset   FG attempt hits rim
9. Back Court Violation   10 seconds
10. Game Clock Stops After Successful FG last 2 minutes of second half and last minute of overtime
11. Player Foul Limit   5
12. Bonus Free Throw   7th foul per half (one-and-one) 10th foul per half (two FTs)
13. Number of Players Permitted On Free Throw Lane 6 (four defensive, two offensive)
14. Jump Ball - teams alternate possession after opening tip-off
15. Legal Alley-Oop   Yes
16. Touch Ball On/Above Cylinder   No
17. Closely Guarded For 5 Seconds   Yes (while holding/dribbling ball)
18. Number of Referees   Three - One paid, two volunteers
19. Timeouts-Overtime 1-30s time out per half/overtime, one time out only last 2 minutes of game
20. Timeouts Called By   Head coach or player in game
21. Legal Jersey Numbers   any numbers
22. Score will be kept by people of your choosing.

IMPORTANT: One referee will be professional. Two other referees will be from the non-playing teams. The calls from the volunteer refs must be in agreement. If there’s a disagreement, the MAIN Ref will make final decision.
NO ARGUEING with REFEREES. Any protest must be made quietly and calmly during a time out. Any argument with the REFEREEES will result in a technical foul. A second outburst will result in the WHOLE team being banned from the LEAGUE IMMEDIATELY

This is a community tournament. Everyone is expected to be cordial and show positive sportsmanship conducts
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